How To Prepare For A Brazilian Wax

How To Prepare For A Brazilian Wax

Like most girls, I thought razor was the only option I have when I want to remove unwanted hair. It’s cheap and fairly accessible but the results I get are very annoying. After every shave, I either get a pimple, ingrown hair, and a dark stubble — or a combination of these three. On top of this, I suffer from razor burn, rashes, and cuts especially when dealing with my private area.

Enter Brazilian wax.

This hair removal is heaven sent! Although I can’t deny the fact that I got very nervous the first time I had it. Does it hurt a lot? What benefits will I get out of it? How do I prepare myself for my first wax? These are just some of the questions before I had Brazilian wax. Like you, I was hesitant at first but when I saw the significant differences it brought to me and my underarms, I don’t want to go back to shaving again. And that’s why I want to share this service with you guys. Trust me, if you want to go bare down there, Brazilian wax is the answer!

What Is Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian wax is perhaps the most popular type of bikini wax. It leaves your vagina (and anus) completely hairless. It uses hot wax, soft wax, waxing strips, sugaring, sugar wax, or a combination of two or three waxes.

It was introduced in 1987 to New York by seven Brazilian-native siblings a.k.a. J Sisters. Basically, it rips off the entire hair in the inner and outer part of labia, perineum, and up to the butt crack; however, there are some women who prefers to leave a small landing strip or a triangle-shaped hair in front.

Despite the techniques, Brazilian wax may still provide a bit of discomfort however, those who have had it claims that it’s worth the pain — and I can vouch for this. This hair removal method leaves the skin smoother and softer and the results are different compared to shaving and depilatory hair removal creams.

Brazilian Wax Vs Shaving Vs Depilatory Cream

These three are the top hair removal method that most women use nowadays. Here’s a quick comparison of waxing, shaving, and depilatory cream.

When it comes to pain, waxing is the most painful hair removal method especially if it’s your first time. But, after a few sessions (and once the pubic hair becomes finer and lighter), you’ll get used to it. Shaving and hair removing cream, on the other hand, are completely painless.

Brazilian wax rips of the hair from the root, thus making it painful. However, this is the reason why the hair grows back lighter; sometimes, patches of hair may not even grow back again anymore. Meanwhile, razors and hair removal creams only deal with the upper layer of the hair, which often leaves a dark stubble. Also, with depilatory creams, you need to apply it evenly on the skin otherwise, the hair will not be completely removed. Some part of your skin may still have fuzz while the other parts are bald. Eek! With razors, you have to gently shave the skin or you may end up having cuts. This is a bit challenging when you want to remove hair from the anus or inner part of your labia.

Waxing doesn’t make the skin darker, unlike shaving and depilatory skin. It even exfoliates, revealing a smoother, softer skin.

Hair grows finer and slower with waxing. Since it is removed from the roots, you can see visible hair again after a couple of weeks, or even months depending on the person’s hair cycle growth. Shaving and hair removal creams are almost the same — the hair grows back in just a couple of days and the worse part is — it’s thicker and itchy!
Waxing it a bit expensive compared to the two — shaving and hair removal cream. Our rate is around $30 to $75 and although it’s not the cheapest, we assure you that every penny is worth! We take pride in our service, therapist, and the wax we use so if you want to have your first Brazilian wax or you’re looking for a new waxing salon, our place is definitely your best option.

How To Prepare For A Brazilian Wax?

We get it, you’re either nervous or too shy — or even both! That’s fine, we’ve had the same feelings too back when it’s my first time to have a Brazilian wax. Before getting a wax, the first thing you have to remember is that you’re dealing with a complete professional. We may be strangers but we assure you that we keep things in private and that we are trained to do this. There’s no need to be shy, we’ve seen a lot more than what you can imagine and trust us, there’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Here are a few things you need to take note of before getting a Brazilian wax:

Grow Your Hair First

If you’ve used a razor to remove your hair, wait for at least two to three weeks or until it’s quarter-inch long before booking an appointment. This will be long enough for the wax to grip firmly, thus it’s easier to remove.

Pop A Pain Reliever
Taking a painkiller an hour before having a Brazilian wax will minimize the discomfort you will feel during the session. Alternative: You can down a glass of your favorite wine to give you the guts and relaxation you need.

Wear A Dress Or Skirt

You will be asked to remove your pants so the procedure can go on smoothly and quickly but if you want to have a few coverage left, what you can do is wear a skirt or a dress. This way, all you need is to pull it up before your therapist does her thing.

Prepare Things To Talk About

You’ll want to divert your thoughts somewhere else, and one easy way is to talk to your therapist. You can also practice deep breathing beforehand since you can this during the session.

Keep In Mind That It’ll Hurt

It’s like getting a tattoo or your first piercing — it will hurt, yes it will. But this is only for the first time. This is because the pore is smaller than the bulb of your hair. As you continue your Brazilian waxing session, the bulb will become smaller and the hair will be lighter, and it will not be as painful as before.

Prepare To Do A Bit Of Yoga

Okay, maybe we’ve exaggerated a little bit but expect to do awkward positions during the hair removal method. The therapist will take off hair from the inner and other part of your vagina, perineum, and the crack so more or less, you need to give our professional the right access. Don’t worry, it will be swift and gently.

The Waxing Process

Here at Waxing By Celeste, we use a combination of hot wax, soft wax, and sugar wax. We do this to effectively remove hair on specific areas. Like the regular waxing process, we start by applying a small amount of talcum powder to the skin. This will keep the hot wax from adhering to the skin’s surface. We use strong swift motion to reduce the discomfort; however, if you feel like the pain is too much, you can ask our therapist to apply wax or waxing strips to smaller area, one at a time. Otherwise, you can ask them to stop if the pain is unbearable.

As mentioned, all the hair in your vagina will be removed — from the front going to the back. No hair will escape our highly-experienced therapist! To do this effectively, we may ask you to do pull the skin or shift position for easy access.

How To Reduce Pain In Brazilian Waxing

Waxing is painful, there’s no doubt about that but it can be reduced with the right technique and by following a few of these tips:

If it’s your first time to waxing, it’s best to have a regular bikini wax first before getting a Brazilian wax. This will help you get used to waxing and somehow alleviate the pain during the session.

It’s best to book an appointment for at least a week or two after your menstruation. This is the time when your skin is less sensitive; however, you can always get a Brazilian wax even on your period. Just be sure to keep your intimate area clean and wear a tampon. Also, get ready to feel a bit more of discomfort.

You can have a Brazilian wax even if you’re pregnant. There are expectant moms visiting us on their first, second, or third trimester. If you’re planning to have your pubic hair done but you’re kind of hesitant, you can always give us a call or visit us to answer your concerns.

Book an appointment after three or four weeks. Having a regular waxing session can help in reducing the pain.
Avoid shaving the area and visit a waxing salon instead. If you go back to razor, the hair will grow back thicker again. This will make waxing as painful as before.

After waxing, avoid any activity that can irritate the skin, such as yoga, rough sex, and sweaty workouts. You should also avoid swimming for at least three days as this may cause irritation and infection.
Exfoliate the skin after a week to remove bumps and ingrown hairs. Use a gentle scrub and a cleanser or lotion with alpha hydroxy acid to remove dead skin cells and redness of the skin.

Ask our therapist for more tips!