Cheap Waxing San Diego: Is It Worth It?

Cheap Waxing San Diego: Is It Worth It?

If you are in San Diego and looking for cheap waxing you might consider a few things. You might have a budget and look for a cost-effective waxing deal. Before you jump on one of those affordable deals you find online here are a few things you need to consider before doing any type of waxing especially intimate areas or large body areas.

Is the spa know for waxing?

If the spa is not known for waxing, are you willing to take that chance? Going to the barbershop when you really need to go to a hair salon is what we are talking about here. Make sure the spa is known for waxing first.

Do they have the right training?

In California, in order for anyone to provide waxing, they need to be either a licensed esthetician or licensed cosmetologist to perform waxing. Make sure they have their license displayed when getting your wax.

Do they have the experience?

Just because someone is an esthetician or cosmetologist is does not mean they know how to wax. Unfortunately, all beauty schools teach very little about waxing and students come out knowing very little especially bikini or Brazilian waxing.

Do they have a good reputation online?

Look them up online and see if they have quality reviews on their Facebook, Yelp, Google or anywhere else online.

Do they specialize in waxing?

Finding someone who specializes in waxing especially intimate waxing like bikini wax or Brazilian wax is important. Even though you might be getting a killer deal, but you never know what you will get.


Is the spa clean? One of the biggest concerns when it comes to waxing hair removal is double dipping. If the reception area or room itself is dirty, what makes you thing the wax pot will be any different?


Waxing is not only about leaving hairless, but also about customer service? Are you just another cheap waxing client or do they really make you feel like you should?


All waxing spa should telling you things you need to avoid and what not to do after waxing. Why? Most likely because they have enough experience to know what you should be doing after waxing and what needs to be avoided.

What Type Of Wax Do They Use?

This is a big deal. If you esthetican is using the same wax they were introduced to in beauty school, there is something wrong. Esthetician or spas that specialize in waxing will always have tried multiple waxes before they settle on one. Our spa is unique and we use a combination or hard wax, soft wax and our very own natural sugar wax.

In the end, make sure you do your research on quality instead of pricing. What might look like steal could end a nightmare. At Waxing and Skincare by Celeste, we do offer new clients $10 off on service of $45 or more. When booking make sure to let our receptionist you are a new client and want to use the new client deal!