How Much Is A Brazilian Wax

How Much Is A Brazilian Wax

Self-grooming is like a new norm once puberty hits. A lot of things has changed and that includes growing hair in the armpit, legs, and even the Lady Garden. It’s frustrating but not most of us can do anything much about it. There are options though, like shaving.

Using a razor is one of the most popular hair removal methods. It’s cheap, easy-to-use, and available almost any time. In just a few swipes, the hair is gone! But is it really what you want for your hair, particularly for your skin? After all, it’s no secret how it leaves razor burns and pimples afterward.

If you’re tired of the hullabaloos happening after every shave, maybe it’s time to consider waxing.

How Much Does A Brazilian Wax Cost?

The price for this hair removal service depends on several factors such as the type of wax you are getting, your gender, the type of facility you are going in, the location, and more. In the US, the price for bikini waxing starts at $30 up to $60.

This means that two neighborhood waxing salon will have a different price; one may offer a more affordable rate for their services while the other one, which has a high-end facility, may charge a higher price for their luxurious service.

Licensed professionals price their service based their expertise, experience, and cost of materials. The rate also depends on the market they want to target, overhead costs, products used and since this is a business, they need to earn out of it, too.

Here at Waxing By Celeste, our price begins at $45, but we do offer new client deals too. Pricing for Brazilians can be funny since we have seen some wax salons charge pasted on how much hair the clients has, some charge based on how long the hair is and some even charge more for bigger women and we’ve had clients come in who where charges a different price because of race, which we find totally unacceptable. One price for everyone regardless of size, hair length, amount of hair or race! We may not be the cheapest nor most expensive waxing salon in San Diego, but we guarantee that you get your money’s worth. Also, we’re known for our waxing technique that minimizes pain during the session. Instead of using one type of wax, we use three wax — soft wax, hard wax, and sugar wax — to effectively remove the fuzz while reducing discomfort.

You can check the feedback from our previous clients via our online reviews to know more about our services and experience people have at our spa.

What Is Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian wax is a hair removal method that is considered by many women. Despite the pain associated with it, a lot of them still swore to this. This meant booking a regular appointment and never returning to shaving again as much as possible.

Many people confused it with bikini wax but the truth is, these are two different things. Bikini wax, as the name suggests, only removes the hair around the bikini line. Brazilian wax, on the other hand, removes all the hair in your intimate part, including the inner and outer labia and anus. While it originally means going fully bare, there are women who wanted to leave a mini landing strip or a triangle-shaped hair in front. If you’re planning to have this, always tell your esthetician before the session starts.

Quick Trivia:

Brazilian wax was introduced to the United States by 7 Brazilian sisters in 1987.

What You Need To Prepare Before Brazilian Wax

If you use razors just because you don’t want to see your pubic hair growing out, having a Brazilian wax can be a little challenging. For the wax to stick to your hair, we need you to grow it at around quarter of an inch. That means ditching your razor for a couple of weeks or more.

If you feel like your fuzz is very long, don’t worry! While you can trim it alone at home, we advise that you let our expert handle it in our waxing salon.

Ask Around

The Internet is a perfect place to know things but it’s still better if you can talk to the people you know. Look for friends who have done it and ask how badly it hurt. You might be surprised knowing that you’re almost the last person to get it. Take this time to also ask for their referral. Is there a specific waxing salon that they can recommend?

Drink A Glass Of Wine Or Pop An Ibuprofen

Spoiler Alert: Brazilian wax is going to hurt! And that’s what makes it extra beautiful. Imagine all the pain that you will go through only to end up with a hair-free, super smooth skin! If you want to reduce the pain, what you can do is down a glass of wine — darling, a glass of wine only, not a bottle or take a painkiller an hour before the session. This will minimize the comfort. You may also go for a bikini wax instead in case you’re not yet ready or you just want to test the water first.

Keep It Clean Down There

This is a no-brainer advice but still worth sharing. When cleaning your vagina, use warm water to wash it and be sure to skip moisturizers, cream, lotion, and the like. You can also take some wipes with you so you can keep yourself clean and fresh in case you need to wait for your appointment to start.

Aftercare Tips

After having your Brazilian wax, your therapist will give you an advice about what you should and should not do. But to give you a heads up, here are some of the things you should remember:

* Do not workout or do activities that will make you sweat within 24 hours.
* Keep the area clean and dry to avoid infection.
* Do not go to a sauna, steam, or jacuzzi.
* Take a cold shower in case of a hot bath; however, only do this after 4 hours or so.
* Do not have rough sex as this may cause friction which may irritate your already-inflamed skin.
* Exfoliate the skin after three days or a week to get rid of ingrown hairs.


Is Brazilian Waxing Worth The Hype?

With all these women swearing to Brazilian waxing (and vowing to never go back to shaving again), is it really worth the hype? Moreover, is it really worth the pain?

Personally, I could say that it’s worth the price and pain as long as you have the right esthetician. A licensed esthetician knows how to apply the correct force and technique. Also, waxing has a lot of benefits that you can enjoy the latter part, such as exfoliation. During the session, you’re not only having your hair removed, but it also gets rid of lifeless skin cells and the results? A smoother, hair-free skin.

As you continue your session, you’ll also notice that the hair is finer and may even grow at a slower rate. Some can see visible hair after a couple of weeks while others can enjoy the results for a month.

If you want to know more details about our service, feel free to call our spa or book an appointment now!