Can You Get A Brazilian Wax While On Your Period?

Can You Get A Brazilian Wax While On Your Period?

Real Talk: No one would ever want to pay for a service that would require a hot wax, ripping the hair off the deepest, darkest area. That would be unimaginable. Even I, who have done it for like a hundred times, is still going through this realization.

But still, a Brazilian wax is a thing.

For most women, having her pubic hair waxed is a standard grooming habit — and you can see a lot of salons offering this service. Despite the terrifying thought of unnecessary pain and someone else seeing your Lady V, this has become a popular beauty trend — and mostly for good reasons. But before we jump into its benefits, we’ll share bits and pieces about Brazilian wax.

What Is A Brazilian Wax?

Going to a waxing salon can be a daunting task (believe me, I’ve been there, done that). Aside from choosing which body part will get the service, you also need to know what style would you like to have down there.

Would you like to be hairless all over or leave a few fluffs inside the bikini line? Or would you like to be extra daring and opt for the “Bermuda Triangle”? But, when you want to go completely hairless — as in in front, at the bum, and everything in between — you should be going for a Brazilian wax.

Fast Fact: Did you know that this hair removal method was initially introduced by the J Sisters to New York in the 1980’s to the US? And yes, these are 7 siblings from Brazil. The idea is to remove all the hair in your intimate area, which, for obvious reasons, may be extremely painful (but you’ll never know unless you try). But, if you’re a first timer and you just want to know how it feels like, it’s ideal, to begin with, a bikini wax. Bikini wax, by the way, means ripping off only the unwanted pubic hair from the bikini line using wax. Less hair removed, less painful experience!

But then again, no pain, no gain! Below are the advantages that you’d have when you finally decided to have a Brazilian wax.

Benefits Of Brazilian Wax

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, waxing the hair in the pubic area provides several benefits, including:

To Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells
Think of it like exfoliating the face — you’re ripping off the hair and the top layer of the skin, thus helping you get rid of the dead skin cells, dirt, and other debris. The result? A smoother, younger skin!

For A Cleaner And Fresher Feeling
Shaving the hair alone can give you a comfortable feeling already; what more if you can get rid of the razor burn, ingrown, and other razor-related irritation while ensuring that the itchiness and your entire Lady Garden has been taken care of. You’ll love the “cleaner” feeling you’ll get and we know that.

To Boost Self-Confidence
Whether you’re flaunting your newly waxed area or you’re keeping it to yourself, you can’t just help but feel a little bit sexier and more confident because of this. It’s close to wearing a very sexy lingerie… or even better.

For Thinner Hair Growth
Shaving is the very convenient and cheapest hair removal option so far, but think about how thick the hair grows back in just a few days… and you don’t want that for your vagina. Unlike waxing, shaving only deals with the hair at skin level, where it’s chunkier. On the other hand, waxing takes care of the hair up to its root, resulting in a thinner hair regrowth.

Hair Grows Back For A Longer Time
With waxing, you can enjoy a hair-free bikini area for a longer time. Compared to shaving that lasts for only a couple of days, you’re guaranteed to see the hair only after a couple of weeks or even a month depending on your hair growth.

Who Should Get It

Almost anyone who has pubic hair should definitely book an appointment with us for a hair wax removal. It has numerous hygienic benefits that would help avoid vaginal infection and it may also increase your partner’s desire and attraction towards you. In addition, it prevents your skin from scraping during a sexual intercourse.

This hair removal technique is also ideal for those who want a faster way to get rid of the fuzz. While it may take an hour for first timers, you can have your hair completely removes in less than 50 minutes on your next visit. It’s also the best option for those who want to save grooming time. Maintenance is almost done on a monthly basis and you can squeeze it in between lunch breaks. If you’re scared about the discomfort involved, you can either resolve it with an Ibuprofen pain reliever or a lot of courage. After all, the pain doesn’t really last.

Brazilian wax is also ideal if you’re planning to wear a skimpy swimwear on your next beach vacation. Just be sure to have this a couple of days or more before a trip, especially if you’re planning to swim in a pool or beach, to avoid infection and irritation.

So if this sounds fun and exciting, you can call us now or check out the website for more details.

Can You Get A Brazilian Wax During Your Menstrual Cycle?

Now, to answer one of the most controversial questions when it comes to hair removal… “can you get a Brazilian wax on your period?”

I’ve heard a few things about this and personally addressed clients with this concerns and the answer might surprise you. It is one of the most asked question even for our existing clients.

Even with a period, you CAN definitely go on with your appointment and have a Brazilian wax. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we get many clients who have had bikini wax even during their menstruation. Look we are all women here, its natural and that just it.

Some women might hesitate because of shyness, and we understand why. But the thing is, this is normal and you’re handled by incensed estheticians. All you need to do is wear a tampon and we can work things as usual. Also makes sure you keep yourself clean before you come in. We always offer baby wipes to freshen up.

Meanwhile, there are those who want to skip hair waxing because of the increased pain they may get when they have a period. This is because the body and the skin is in an inflammatory state during this time, thus the increased sensitivity. However, this hasn’t proven yet so if you’re up for an adventure and doesn’t mind the extra pain you get, then this should not be an issue.

Waxing After-Care Tips

Avoid tanning beds, steams, saunas, or hot bath.
Avoid sexual intercourse after waxing as this may only cause the skin to be more inflamed and irritated.
Avoid touching the skin as this may only cause irritation or acne.
Avoid applying harsh chemicals on the skin.
Avoid wearing tight underwear.
Use antibiotic ointment, lavender oil, or hydrocortisone cream to reduce irritation.

After 48 hours or so of hair removal, you can exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells, ingrown hair, and clogged pores.
If necessary, use acne medication or AHA lotion.

If you see any ingrown hair, avoid picking it up instead gently tweeze the hairs out or exfoliate it regularly. If this is not removed by this methods, the best thing to do is visit us or your aesthetician to extract the hair.