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At Waxing and Skincare by Celeste, we offer facial waxing services that include the following face hair removal procedures: lip, chin, cheek, nose, nose and brows. Do you have unwanted hair in places you don’t want? Our Estheticians are trained to provide painless facial hair removal using our sugar wax and hard wax. Lip epilation can become a problem for all women. Let’s be real getting rid of embarrassing lip hair is a must. Don’t deal with razors or tweezers, get that hair from the root today! Do you have nose hair problems? We have the perfect solution for you. Don’t deal with nose hair, let us handle that! We also offer facial waxing for men on places like ears and nose. On your next visit book your Brazilian wax or Bikini wax along your full face waxing appointment.

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Your face is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and face waxing is one of the most delicate epilation procedures we provide. In order for face epilation to be successful, we must first inspect your skin and also make sure your are not taking certain types of medication that could prevent you from getting rid of those dark hairs with wax. Using our sugaring wax for face epilation is perfect for both pain reduction and for its abilities to remove that tiny hair we call peach fuzz. Our in-house made hair removal paste is 100% water soluble and natural making it perfect for the most sensitive facial waxing.


Waxing your eyebrows is one of the basic epilation procedures that can be done to increase your beauty, look clean, and for many increase self-confidence. We provide brow shaping that coincides with the natural structure of your face. All brows are unique and taking the time to shape each one is vital in providing you the best looking you! We take our time with your brow wax session and help your natural facial features compliment your eyebrows so they look natural.

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