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wax spa services
At Waxing by Celeste, we are best known for the Brazilian wax. We provide body waxing services on legs, arms, back and face. Our in-house made sugar wax helps significantly reduce pain. Our wax is perfect for people with sensitive skin and perfect for all body areas. Experience painless waxing today!

Visit our spa for the best waxing in San Diego. We use our unique methods that incorporate 3 types of 100% natural wax. Our wax department is what separates us from other spas in the area. Our sugar wax is always fresh and used 1 or 2 days after we make it. We specialize in bikini area waxing and other body hair removal services for women. Book Today!


skin care
With the sun beating down on us year round, protecting your skin and doing treatments beyond your daily routine is vital to healthy skin. A chemical peel, microderm or a facial can help improve your skin by deep exfoliation, extraction, or skin regeneration.

Skin treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion will help with excessive oil on your skin, age spots, sun spots, acne, fine lines, clogged pores, skin texture problems, blackheads and many other skin problems. Peels help remove the top layer skin revealing new skin and allow your skin to glow. Skin peels are safe and most treatments are derived from fruit or other edible products like pumpkin.


hair removal for guys
Whether you call it manscaping or men's waxing we provide services for guys too. Times have changed and guys also seek out hair removal services. Tired of shaving and simply do not like your body hair? We can help you feel smooth, clean, sexy, and many times more confident.

Shaving is the other alternative but, dealing with ingrown and stubby hair for the majority of males is simply not the answer to getting rid of unwanted hair. For some males, body hair can be a discomfort and our esthetician can help you! Do you need your nose, ears, toes or feel waxed? Is your chest or back hair bothering you? Tired of trimming every week? Want to stay hair free for 3-5 weeks? We can help!


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